Annihilate Me, Vol. 2 - Christina Ross

Annihilate Me, Vol. 2

By Christina Ross

  • Release Date: 2018-11-05
  • Genre: New Adult


RECENTLY OPTIONED BY HOLLYWOOD TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE!  The series with more than two million books sold!

Jennifer's life is reeling out of control. 

Now, there is no denying her feelings for Alex--or his for her. After spending one night together, he took her to heights she never thought was possible. The passion they shared in that one moment is something she can't shake, and it consumes her, throwing her off her game.

But this is no game. What they have is real. Still, even as events start to pull them close together, other events threaten to tear them apart. 

A threat is revealed. People aren't who they appear to be. And then there is their arrangement. Once, she was Alex's employee, the one woman who was hired to make certain he wasn't distracted from his work. Even though they are now in a committed relationship, what will that mean for Jennifer when she agrees to become his employee again? Will their relationship survive a threat to end Alex's life?

Or will it fail under the pressure to keep him---and her--alive?